Mobile Inconvenience

The iPhone hype aside, using cellular phones does have its inconvenience. I’ve appreciated them when I started having one nearly 10 years ago but as more and more people embraced the gadget, I’ve gradually used it lesser and lesser. Not that I’m a non-conformist but there really are some inconveniences in using the mobile phone.

I won’t turn this entry into a rant piece with my bits of personal experience in all the years of using mobile phones so I might as well feature a surprising blog entry I encountered elsewhere involving Sprint’s decision to drop off a subscriber because of what they deem are excessive calls to customer service! The notice was even featured there and I encountered the link from one of Ben Poole’s blog entries btw.

According to the blog entry author anyway:

Sprint lately has been sending letters to customers disconnecting them for using too much roaming, data, texting and now… CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I think the company has hit a new low because as a Sprint customer I know how many billing mistakes they make a month and call them at least two times in a billing period to correct THEIR errors. I can understand dropping problematic customers who call daily to ask why their cellphone screen turns off after five minutes, but to drop a customer looking to correct a error that they are not responsible for is ridiculous.

Now that one’s different considering that other mobile companies out there would do just about everything to keep their subscriber base intact. Charge it to the corporate paradox list I guess.

Finally a sad accident happened early last week involving five recent high school graduates in New York. The Yahoo News report mentions possible cellphone use while driving as one of the factors, (including overspeeding because of inexperience at the wheel,) that led to the mishap.

So despite being an over-exhausted line, I guess it won’t hurt to find the space here to remind drivers out there to refrain from using their mobile phones while driving. Think of this especially when there are lives depending on you.


2 Responses

  1. had a similar experience with SUN back then, the first few months that it went out. i was called by a “supervisor” and was informed that i was an abusive customer. well it wasnt my fault if i was able to find ways on how to “extend” their free 15-min call. i wasnt doing anything illegal, i just placed the person im calling on hold before we reach 15 mins then i call him on another line. so i was spending hours on the phone, so what? i was paying.

  2. so something like that, (a customer pissed off by the telco because of practicing something supposedly within the bounds of proper usage,) has already been around in these coasts.

    well you got to hand it off to these guys though. they find new means to piss you off from tons of unsolicited SMS to unheard off billing lines, (not to mention interruptions of service from time to time.) makes you at times think if the mobile phone’s worth the convenience it was supposed to be giving you.

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