The Risk Called Office Printers

Yup the title’s right. If the BBC article towards the end of the previous month’s to be believed:

The humble office laser printer can damage lungs in much the same way as smoke particles from cigarettes.

Read more on the said finding of a group of scientists from The Queensland University of Technology.

[08/18/07 Update] – For a good laugh, here’s abarclay12’s take on the printer risk thingie. Included there is an interesting tech article linking HP’s official statement on PC World which went:

HP is currently reviewing the Queensland University of Technology research on particle emission characteristics of office printers. Vigorous tests under standardized operating conditions are an integral part of HP’s research and development and its strict quality control procedures.

What’s with PR these days? More to the point I just don’t get what the second sentence is doing there. Strict quality control procedures and research and development should include health risks among important prerogatives and the fact that they did consider reviewing the study just shows that this is one thing they failed to consider.

I think I should talk to my boss for me to get placed a little farther away from the office laser printer. My proximity from the culprit right now’s somewhere around a meter or 2.


4 Responses

  1. This is outrageous. What’s next? Staplers, pencil erasers?? I’m never going inside Office Depot again.

  2. HP Lights™ and HP Menthol™ coming soon to computer stores near you.

  3. well they were able to come up wiv bio fuels, perhaps they can do that with toners?

  4. ronyl: well i guess it’s just about time before they come up with scented toners. talk about synchronizing group reports and cigarette sessions.

    chelsea: HP already considered the report but it still remains to be seen what its course of action would be.

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