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The recent outrage over Malu Fernandez’s articles in two publications found a convenient yet very effective medium of expression in cyberspace: the blog and forums. The former is even more effective as it enables the writer to put his or her thoughts without the restrictions commonly associated with forums where other people have a degree of claim to the same space. Also the fact that blogs are dispersed all across the internet that the fact that a lot of people blogging about a common topic not only puts a great deal of significance in the medium but also becomes at the very least a good indicator of public opinion.

Just Me

I’ve been blogging for at least 3 years now starting with Yahoo 360. Early this year I moved here because I’ve found the blogging functionalities of 360 insufficient. Now however, I’m thinking of moving elsewhere again, (maybe Blogspot,) because of two main reasons: the technical limitations of like the restriction of javascript and iframe from posts, and the non-tolerance for ads even if the blog owner wishes to include them.

I won’t argue such restrictions here though, (they say beggars can’t be choosers.) So I looked at several posts and found this and this. The former confirms the restriction on ads while the latter links NodBlog as a free wordpress blog hosting service. When I get the time from my busy schedule though, I think I’m moving this elsewhere again. With the way things are going however, I’ll be lucky if I can pull that one out before the year ends.

Finally just for the heck of it, you might want to click on the graphic below to find out how much your blog’s worth:

My blog is worth $7,903.56.
How much is your blog worth?

So after 6 months, this spot’s still pretty much cheap!


To interested bloggers anyway, here are some useful entries about blogging from elsewhere:

  • How do you find Time to Blog? – definitely worth a look if you’re one who’s anything like me. With time management an issue for the busy bee, this one’s definitely worth a look.
  • 7 Points to Consider When Blogging for Money and How to Find Advertisers for your Website? – Taking off from where I left off earlier, here are stuff for the bloggers serious in cashing on the time and effort on maintaining their blog. No one’s saying it’s gonna be easy though.
  • Copyright Law: 12 Do’s and Don’ts – A pretty important read if you’d ask me. One thing that’s going to get a blogger in trouble are copyright issues so it’s better to read up including the exchange of comments there. Dunno how much U.S. copyright laws should affect foreign violations though so it’s still best to consult a lawyer versed on such pertinent laws.
  • 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid – Pretty much a lump of all mistakes the web designer has encountered from cyberspace in one place or another. The post and the ensuing comments include SEO and usability tips that should benefit the web designer’s while.

5 Responses

  1. I’m not sure about your issues with and blogging. Are you unhappy with which does not allow ads?

    This is based upon the overwhelming response of users to keep it ad free, as well as the desire of the administrators to keep it so – though there is discussion on how to offer the ability to add ads to free blogs for a small fee.

    You can take your free blog any time to a hosted server site, where you pay “rent” for your site, exporting all your posts and comments and importing them into the new site, and then, using the free full version of WordPress, do whatever you want to your blog, from adding javascripts, Plugins, customizing your Theme, and ads. You control everything. And WordPress is still free., from the beginning, has served as the cutting-edge testing site for the full version of WordPress. This also meant limiting code that would break the site, both for yourself and the other million plus bloggers. So they decided to ban javascripts for the protection of all. Honestly, few have complained as they got used to it and more non-technical bloggers got on board.

    With Widgets and Gadgets easily added to your blog, most of these issues are overcome easily, allowing bloggers to clutter up their site. 😀

    As for the silly test to determine the “value” of your blog, that’s a joke. It’s value is based upon the “street value” of, I think, Weblogs Inc when it was sold to AOL or whoever. It looks at a couple simple traffic stats for your blog and then prices it accordingly. There is no reality to the amount. It’s just fun.

    Personally, I find the value in my blog comes from helping others and making a difference in the world around me through my voice on my blog, as you originally mentioned. Not whether or not I have ads or gimmicks on my blog.

    Where do you find the value in your blog?

  2. Alright I don’t know if the entry was offending enough for you kind people so let me clarify some things:

    1. I don’t have issues with I was writing about my user preference as a blogger. The fact that some of my preferences doesn’t coincide with’s purposes and goals doesn’t mean I dislike the service.

    I’ve worked for an IT security company once and I’ve done lots of web applications since so you don’t need to point out the potential security compromises allowing javascript and widgets opens up for I’ve also seen raise a valid point using the “sammy’s my hero” security issue so please don’t misunderstand my entry for an expression of displeasure towards wordpress.

    I am in my right mind to understand that people have the daunting task of deciding the balance between functionality and security that’s why I didn’t contend, (neither do I intend to,) against whatever implementation of the service they come up with or change.

    2. Regarding my vague plan of moving elsewhere, I don’t know why it seems, (at least to me,) that such a line came across to you as worthy of such attention and the eventual response. More to the point, I don’t know why my direction on personal web usage should register a slight tingle on the offense meter. As far as I’m concerned I was just blogging whatever I had in mind without resorting to something offensive.

    Please tell me doesn’t disallow such lines of thoughts in blog entries. If it turns out that it does disallow them, I’d be glad to drop off this blog right away.

    3. Finally regarding the “value” quiz thingie, I don’t think you got my intended message. In your own words, the test was “silly” and was intended for friends who love blogging random quizzes exchange. I of almost all people definitely know that intrinsic value of blogs would be one of the last programmatic quantities in cyberspace. At least if you’d want a practical number that is.

    Thanks for the response anyway Lorelle.

  3. I wasn’t offended, I was just trying to understand. And trust me, as a fellow users, they are not the thought police or I would have been kicked off a long time ago. 😀

    I was one of the first who introduced the AOL (now Technorati) “test” two years ago, and I’ve actually seen a lot of people take this seriously. Humor and satire in print doesn’t always communicate.

    As for the “value” question, I’m constantly asking my readers where they find the value in their blogs. For some it’s constant, for others, it’s an evolving thing. So I was curious about how you find the value in your blogging experience. Nothing more than that.

  4. whoa, my blog’s worth $25,404.30. if only i can cash it. haha.

    ive tried numerous blogging platforms but its only with wordpress that i was ever comfortable. have you checked theyre offering a lot of customizations.

  5. @lorelle: wow, you are one passionate blogger! i wish i had as much time. 😀

    anyway if you wish to know where i find value in my blog, it’s with the fact that it’s the closest anything can get with whatever i have in mind at any given time.

    as you may have seen, i like to come across stuff, be these general information, different experiences of other people, special fields of knowledge, trivial bits, etc.

    hence the line “Perspectives from One of the Universe’s Vantage Points” is just a highfaluting way of saying that this spot’s an individual’s attempt to go anything goes. while a lot of blogging “experts” would herald a “stick-to-a-particular-topic” approach in blogging, i just can’t.

    what can i do? i’ve been so used to being a “linksman” around other forums that the search for “interesting” stuff stuck.

    @chelsea: i wish i could but time is really so hard to get these days for me that i have to beg off a lot of engagements so as to maintain time for my family.

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