Cite ‘Em

One thing hard with citing sources for papers especially for students is that there are many things to consider: citation style, type of resource, author/s, volumes, editions, publication dates, etc.

While there are lots of material readily available for citation styles through the internet, it still takes time to get used to the said styles especially when a student has to make use of more than one established citation style, (APA, Harvard, MLA, AMA, IEEE, Chicago, Turabian, etc,) for more than one field of study. Add to this the amount of time they need to look for persons to interview and studies, papers and other pertinent publications to digest and the amount of effort and hardships on coming up with a decent white paper becomes apparent.

Such effort and hardship only stresses the imperative of respecting someone else’s creative efforts in coming up with academic material that’s why the
on Oct 29, 2000, David Warlick started the Son of Citation Machine of the Landmark Project. As of this writing, the MLA, APA and Chicago style functionalities are fully available and the Turabian style is under construction.

Essentially the researcher just chooses a citation style then chooses the type of source, (book, journal, magazine, etc.) to be cited. From there a form is displayed and the researcher provides necessary info, (author’s name, book title, publication date, etc.) Upon submission, the proper citation text formats for the in text and bibliography citations are then presented and can be readily copy-pasted to the document.


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