Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

I used to feel some sort of loss when after participating in forums for quite a time, the community ends up with that mediocre scene which makes the more sensible ones leave the venue. This is especially true when the stay there proved worthwhile for quite sometime that when new members injected into the community, the older ones tend to get irked when a number of the new comers utterly disregard consideration put forth to make the community conducive for everyone. And when such points come across flamewars the exchange just adds up to the divide among the netizens.

As for me, I spend a great deal of time getting to know the ropes of a “cool” community before having it put up with me. To me it seems only fair that an aspirant try to fit in first before actually doing anything there. After all it was those older people who molded the community into that “cool” site that made you want to stay. It’s just sensible to take the time if the group’s for you if bending towards anyone’s not exactly your cup of tea.

It seems apathetic of me but I guess the influx of stupidity doesn’t spare even online communities. Call it one more attribute of the internet that makes it similar to the universe, (where stupidity outweighs sensibility.) So to cap off a trio of Lotus Notes/Domino-related development entries, this post goes on to poke fun at two posts related to the presence of such unsympathetic and inconsiderate newbies from the Notes.Net forums: one from the 4 and 5 forum and the other from the 6 and 7 forum. Non-Notes-adept people may want to proceed to the second subheading though as it doesn’t need you to know about Lotus Notes for you to capture the humor started off by the original poster there.

Anyone There?

That same sort of loss is apparently what Ben Poole had in mind as he featured this Notes.Net post. In a rant post unusually posted in the technical forum, Randy Rhoades aired his frustration on the quality and horrible volume of a lot of posts in Notes.Net recently. Gotta love that title too:

Are there any real Notes developers left? – RANT!

Is it just me or is this forum beginning to become a place for new-bees to learn Lotus Notes? Some of the questions in here lately can all be answered by reading either the notes client or designer help file – gee, there is a novel idea.

It makes me not want to visit this forum anymore since the questions are not really challenging (not tooting my own horn – like I said, a lot of these things are in the help file). Its just getting more difficult to sift through the “give me free lotus notes consulting” questions.

It’s never been ages that I’ve wielded my Lotus Notes/Domino expertise like these guys but I definitely know what they’re talking about. Some people just don’t take the time to think and try out things themselves anymore. I used to take time to help some guys there but the growing number of posts about things that could easily be resolved with the aid of the Help file or a simple forum search suggests that the influx of idiots hasn’t spared that forum.

And talk about an exciting follow-up, this guy really knew how to make a point in that discussion:

i have i changing question for u ….

please help me how to set session expire in my own web appliction …
i.e if user becomes idel for 30 minute session should expired
and he have to login agin same as our web mail……


Another One Bites The Dust!

Of course an extreme form of utter retardedness in the Notes/Domino forums is to disregard forum etiquette and sensibilities altogether and make use of terrible english enough to make even the most patient altruist make a run for their money. Here’s a perfect example not only because of the downright rudeness of the specimen but because it tells of a time when big time experts of the technology knew how to have fun. Excellent title again btw:


HI EveryBody,

This is an Open Challenge for every one who has cleared CLP or working in Lotus Or who ever so called lotus professionals.

My Problem is i have an combo box and a Embedded View In a form.Now i am displaying documents based on combobox Value selection.For this i am using Single Category(i,e IN a Single Catgeory selection option in a Embedded view i have specified the ComboBox Field Name).This works Fine.But now i need to display 10 documents in one page and another 10 documents in next page and so on.So i have placed Next And previous button to navigate forward and Backward.

So when i select the Combo box value it displays 10 documents fine.But when i click on Next Button it takes to next page and display as No Documents Found though there are documents in a view realting to that value.I can prove this as really bug in Lotus Software .By this it proves that lotus software is of no use to work and it must be thrown to DustBin and not even to recycle bin.

This Bugs the developer a lot.

Now if anyone can prove that this probelm can be solved can u come out with the solution.I think there are many CLP’s & PCLP’s in lotus notes.They are of no use if they don’t solve these problem and its a utterly waste of there certification if they don’t solve these problem.

Good Luck For Everyone if they r trying otherwise better throw this software.


The forum poster makes your average retarded poster look so pro so if you’re having a rough and tough Monday, I suggest you read that one for a good laugh. You don’t even have to be a Notes/Domino developer to get what the “so called CLP’s” are talking about. (Common sense’s a prerequisite though.) :))


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