Hard Copying

No matter how long you’ve been wrestling your brand of technology, something just tantalizingly time-consuming and frustrating pops up once in a while. Oftentimes it’s just something overlooked among the sea of possibilities today’s technology allows us to do.

As far as my four years of stay in the Notes/Domino development arena, I have my share of these as well. Just this week, I was replacing the design of a new database with that of an existing one. No problem I thought. I’ve done countless Database-Replace Design’s in the past.

But that was just what I thought.

When I opened the database however, a lot of the important views were not there. Instead of the default frameset launched, the user saw one where all views in the database is displayed in the left pane and the selected view on the right. The frustratation built up further as subsequent copy and paste of the views from one DB to another failed also while the deadline loomed so near.

In times like those, I start turning to Notes.net even though scurrying for pertinent answers there has become painstaking more and more in the recent months. A lot of minutes after my nosedive, it came. It was pretty wonderful for the same guy who asked the question to take time to sensibly post the thing he overlooked:


It had to do with the access rights of the view. The view from the source DB had a role assigned to it that was not defined in the target DB. Once I deselected that role the views copied over.

Been doing this for years and still learn something new everyday.
And I bet I should of searched before I posted this cause I’m sure someone else has encountered this issue.

Not really. Did just that and it got me here. :))

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