Growing Up Anyone?

Just a second serving of “You Know Your Kid’s a Lot Like You When…” really or what parenting had in store for me two years after that post. 😀

Fatherhood’s not only about providing necessities and goodies to children. An even more important responsibility not of fathers alone but of parents in general is to prepare the little ones for the future’s uncertainty, life’s hardships and the world that’s becoming more and more complex with time. So in lieu of my daughter’s coming birthday in a week, I stopped and took a look at some recent incidents with her.

Who knows? Maybe a few decades from now she would be reading this without the “I’ve-heard-that-for-the-nth-time” irks typical of a younger generation shunning off the voice of the older generation. Apart from imparting nostalgia and a few smiles and reliefs, maybe she would find some things here worth keeping in mind when the time comes for her to start with her own version of parenting.


Sometime last month, my daughter started asking me for twenty pesos eveytime I came home from work. She reasoned out that since her birthday was coming in roughly a couple of months, she needed to save for her birthday cake.

While I can pay for the cake on the spot come that day, I saw that request as an opportunity to get her started on something important: financial know-how. It was perfect because apart from ascribing to that “important-things-should-begin-at-home” philosophy and imparting the value of saving, I get to be the first one to guide her in her first course on finance.

So up until now, one thing I look forward to after work is to get home from work and have the little girl come up to me and say “beinte” (“twenty” in Spanish and Filipino.)

Hoy Bangon!

When the exam results from the first grading period came, all of us grown-ups were surprised that one of her mistakes was on the subject of addressing older ones politely in her Filipino subject. In particular, that portion of the test asked the student to choose which of two statement best fits a picture.

In the test item, there’s a picture of a grown-up trying to wake up a child. The choices: “hoy bangon!” and “magandang umaga po,” (“hey, wake up!” and “good morning.”) It did seem like a no-brainer but when asked why she chose the first one over the second, she quickly quipped “Eh hindi naman nangu-ngopo ang matanda sa bata e,” (“grown-ups don’t use ‘po’ and ‘opo’ when addressing kids.”)

It struck me right there and then-she is correct after all!


The subtitle’s pretty much a give-away really. One thing you have to love and amusingly hate about a rational kid is that she strikes you when you least expect it.

One night as I was about to brush my teeth, she asked me if she can brush her teeth with me. I nodded so she asked for her “teethbrush.” I was supposed to correct her as she knew one was coming her way but I found myself (again) unable to.

So there I was explaining to her that conventions set are not always logical. That while it is good that she’s obviously capable of using that thing between her ears, she’s better off following the convention to save herself from the trouble of having trivial arguments against those who can’t.

Now it would be an entirely different story if she doesn’t mind being considered a little bit OC-ish by her circle of friends like her father.


4 Responses

  1. nice post Patrick! 🙂

  2. coming from you, that’s something big. thanks for passing by anyway.

  3. “Now it would be an entirely different story if she doesn’t mind being considered a little bit OC-ish by her circle of friends like her father.”

    Oh yeah! Remember when you’d always correct your typos sa CB? Nahawa ako sayo and up to now, Im still doing it! Haha!


  4. @ayeth: now should i feel guilty ’bout that?

    nah. at least i’ve had my share in keeping idiocy in check. 😀

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