Admit One

A couple of IT bits for the non-techie from the PDI website:

Next Stop: College!

The latest addition to one’s online searching suite is Schoogle. This one’s about schools and aims to help graduating high school students in terms of college admissions and scholarships. It’s a nationwide project hence the .PH extension.

Anyway nice intentions there that’s why I’m wishing the endeavor all the best. I sure hope top schools get to produce such programs and projects which actually help people in a very practical way. More of the PDI article here.

Retail Courses

The ‘tingi’ (retail) has always been very much a characteristic of the Filipino culture. In the recent decade for instance, we’ve seen retail Landline, Internet and Mobile Phone usage go retail with the use of phone and internet cards.

What comes as curious though is a service announced recently by One Logic Systech Inc. It’s basically a “low-cost e-learning service that provides online licensure board review modules for as low as P100 ($2.28).”

Now how this online business pans out is something I’d like to see.

I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff…

or can I still do so?


Uh, oh… Now that is scary!

Anyway I already got my course materials from the UPOU yesterday. Unlike the regular registration I was used to back during my undergraduate days, this one was a breeze. I still fell in line but in less than an hour, everything was done. Apart from the orientation for new students that is.

So now I’ve got a lot of reads to keep me tangled until early next year.

Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve’s

Never been a fan of forwarded stuff but this one sure looks genuine. A quick web search reveals that according to local dailies’ a certain Carlo Cruz did lose his wife during the Glorietta explosion last Friday.

So I’m taking time out to post his piece on his loss:

Good day everyone,

I wish I were writing under different circumstances.

I would like to inform you that my wife Leslie Cruz
was part of the casualties in the Glorietta 2 Mall
bombing in Makati City, Philippines. She was supposed
to have a minor out patient surgery at Makati Medical
Center at 230pm.

I had taken a leave from work to accompany her there.
We dropped off our daughter, Amber, at my parents
place in QC to babysit at around 10am. We then
proceeded to Makati and was there at 1230pm. Since she
had been fasting in preparation for her procedure, she
wanted to move around and listen to some music while I
grabbed a bite to eat. We parked at the basement of
Park Square 2, and headed for the Glorietta 2
entrance. We parted at the top of the escalator, she
turned right towards Filbar’s while I went left
towards the restaurants. That was the last time I
would see her.

Around 120pm, she had called me so that we can meet at
the Glorietta 2 exit just in time to make her
appointment. As I made my way there from Glorietta 1
through the connecting hallways, and was about to turn
the corner, I heard 2 deep thumps and the shock-wave
from the blast hit me. At that moment my heart dropped
as I knew that the origin of the blast came from the
same place where we were supposed to meet. I tried
getting to where my wife was, but the dust was too
much and it was as if I was staring at a white wall.

I still tried to convince myself that she was able to
make it out, and that after ringing her mobile without
a response only meant that she dropped it in the
confusion. After 6 hours of searching from Makati Med.
to Ospital ng Makati, the blast site, and back again
to MMC – with the help of all the people I could get
hold of, that I was able to get confirmation in what
the state of my wife was.

My Dad and Uncle signaled me in from the ER of MMC. My
Uncle (who’s a doctor) asked me to describe Leslie’s
appearance to another group of doctors. I saw in the
eyes of one that the description made sense. Instead
of confirming it to me, they huddled together, then
brought me to a small examination room. It was only
through a digital camera that I was able to confirm
(and deny) that she was indeed gone.

I have so many regrets. I should have met her sooner.
I should have ran instead of a brisk walk. I should
have not chose to park where I did. I should have
braved the dust and went in the blast site. I should
have …

Today’s the 4th day. It is still terribly difficult to
breathe, let alone wake up realizing that your source
of strength, your best friend doesn’t lie beside you
on your bed. That my deepest worry is when Amber
starts asking for her Mama.

I am glad that Amber’s too young to understand the
loss and pain. In time I would like to tell her the
details of how her mother died, but more importantly I
would like to raise her as how her mother lived – a
loving person, strong willed, decisive, caring, and
nurturing. She has always cared for her family and
friends, and sacrfied her career for being a full time
mom and home maker.

As with all couples we had our ups and downs – none of
which I regret not going through. The sweet is never
as sweet without the sour. For almost 4 years of
marriage, we’ve finally hit our balance in life only
to be taken away in an instant. I have no regrets
about our marriage. She has loved me and Amber beyond
her capacity. I will always love her.

It is my first time to write to egroup as I’ve lurked
and watched emails being sent to and fro. All I want
now is that for each of the couples here is to cherish
each moment that we spend with our loved ones. Pretty
simple to say, very easy to take for granted.

Thank you all for the prayers. I would still like to
ask you to please include Leslie in them until her
40th day so that the path to God’s kingdom is well lit
and she is no longer in the dark.


Carlo Cruz

That’s the Fifth Time Today

The Glorietta explosion last Friday not only got a lot of people killed and hurt but also got the country’s urban populace terrified to say the least. If the perpetrators of that incident had terrorism in mind, they sure got what they wanted. Until now the whole thing’s still under investigation.

What I don’t appreciate about bothered people is the fact that they have to forward something that’s obviously hard to verify. Take the following IM I got at least 5x today:

mgandang gabi s inyong laht isa ako na muslim taga lanao gsto ku po malmn ng laht pra umabot 2 sa mnila ktatpos now lng ang plan ni sheik ang utak s gloryeta plan nla pasbugin ang isa s traynoma sm mega 168 mrt union bank quiapo rcbc hsbc at marmi pa wag ipsa s kakilala nnyo na muslim bka mlmn nla n may nagkalat be4 nov 1 ang pagsabog gamit van na sskyan.

I don’t know about other people but I’d never send something that obviously offends people belonging to a particular religion and minority and easily sows terror among people going about with their own business near on or exactly in those places mentioned without actually placing such an alarming message under responsible scrutiny. Sadly because of last Friday’s events, it became understandable for people to be led to pass on such messages through SMS, IM or email.

Please keep in mind however that it still isn’t a good idea to pass on information which you yourself can’t vouch for.

A Software a Day

Because of my recent crash course with the LAMP mix for a real project, I got to add another duo of softwares in my computing sleeves.


notepadpp.jpgI never went out of my way looking for a trusty Notepad replacement because I didn’t use it much then. When I ended up opening different file types for different scripts and file formats among others however, I knew I had to start searching.

I encountered Notepad++ in a forum back then so I decided to try it out. Among the things I liked about it compared to Notepad are:

  1. It simply has lots more functionalities. Editing’s definitely easier because of more advanced find and replace allowing the user to specify regular expressions. Another plus is the ability to split the window to allow two views of the contents of the same file.
  2. It supports various syntax of different programming languages. As a Developer, I don’t even wanna think about how much time and effort the software’s creator put into including such functionalities as reserved word highlighting and collapsible blocks of code. Luckily for this one, I’m the end user needing something for PHP, HTML, CSS, DB scripts, INI and log files.
  3. It supports a lot of plugins. Since I was very busy to install Hiew back then, the Hex Editor plugin was sure helpful.
  4. It allows me to open various files in different tabs in the same window. Ever since I have always preferred different files to be opened by the same application opened using minimal number of windows. That was one reason why I switched to Firefox years ago when I had to put up with such behavior of IE6.


firebuglogo.jpgThe code’s there but the functionality’s not. Not surprising as it’s oftentimes been told that a rule of thumb in programming is that things don’t always work properly the first time.

Prior to Firebug, debugging web applications was so much a pain in the neck. The Firefox extension however has proven to be helpful in going about with Javascript and most especially CSS that I’d be sharing the sentiment of those guys from the review who wouldn’t be doing web development without Firebug anymore.

The World’s Oldest Wall Painting

About 2 weeks ago the world’s oldest wall painting was supposedly unearthed in Syria. According to one of the French archaeologists, Eric Coqueugniot carbon dating dates the find from 9,000 B.C. Furthermore according to him:

It looks like a modernist painting. Some of those who saw it have likened it to work by (Paul) Klee.

Moving Elsewhere

Just finished moving Notes and Domino stuff to a new blog elsewhere in as well. The sheer volume of such stuff, (at least what I intend to write about,) looks enough to clog this blog with perspectives from that direction alone so I decided to write on the said topic there.

Anyway I’ve included the RSS feed of and the link to The Domino Effect to the right so as to have easy access to the 10 latest entries there.

Statistics and the Internet

An officemate forwarded a link to Internet Usage and Statistics in Asia from Internet World Stats. Data presented there collates internet usage against population figures of each asian nation to derive the percentage of the population using the internet, the percentage of the population of internet users among the internet users in Asia and the percentage of growth of internet users in each country from 2000 to 2007.

The Asian Netizen

If the numbers are to be believed, Asia takes up 36% of the world’s internet usage pie and has outpaced the rest of the world in terms of the growing number of users from 2000 to 2007. Though I didn’t have time to do much “research” on it’s sources, I think the data are pretty self-justifying if not self-explanatory for the following reasons among others:

  1. IT services have been steadily going Asia’s direction. India’s BPO sector has cashed in on the west-to-east movement of a lot of IT services during the previous years as a consequence of globalization. In fact its dominance in IT remains one important factor in its economic development.
  2. Manufacturing has been a familiar suite in Asia in the past two decades. We’ve seen China’s rapid economic rise because of manufacturing among others. Also we’ve seen Taiwan dominate the semiconductor industry in just about the same period.
  3. Research and development has been given significant and serious attention by China. In the past year for instance, the number of application for patents in China has already exceeded those in the U.S.
  4. The rise of Asian economies has started and continues to translate to a new market for internet users. With the record growth of economies in the region after the Asian Financial Crisis (AFC) in 1997, Asia has emerged as a significant market in technology usage.

A lot of those points were actually noted previously in a previous blog entry here.

It wasn’t surprising to see Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan having more than 60% of their population utilizing the information superhighway as these countries apart from being big spenders in IT, have been using technology to their advantage for as long as I can remember.

The Philippine Internet Horizon

The same site features data and information regarding the Philippine internet and telecommunications scene.

Before 1995 PLDT controlled most of the telephone industry in the country. One of the policies during the Ramos administration before the AFC was the new telecommunications policy act in 1995. The said policy deregulated telecommunications so as to get coverage to a greater area of the country. It somehow got results as in 1992 telephone lines got to only 1% of the country whereas it steadily increased to 4% by the end of 1999.

Internet usage on the other hand has seen a rapid increase in the recent years. Back in 2000, only 2.6% of the Philippine population made use of the internet compared to 9.3% in 2005 and 16.0% in 2006 if the figures there are to be believed.

Just Squeezing Through

Zero entries in a couple of weeks after a near month-long streak surprising even me.

While I have tons of blog stuff raring to be posted here, I’m currently finalizing the PHP stuff of something that I should be able to deliver by the end of the weekend. I spent a great deal of time with its MySQL backbone, (which is actually one thing I’m thankful for.) Though I have known the Apache-MySQL-PHP (AMP) setup as early as 5 years ago and have been playing with it around since about 3 to 4 years ago, this is the first real project I got to do involving that trio, (well 4 if you consider Linux for the LAMP bunch but I didn’t really do much tweaking in the Linux part there though I know my way around in the OS.)

My decision to pursue higher studies and my preparation for my daughter’s next school year leave me no choice but to explore other avenues of income to augment my means. I think it’s one of those extended lulls in the bloggers life when reality catches up on you.

Anything for a few bucks and another resumé line I guess.