Just Squeezing Through

Zero entries in a couple of weeks after a near month-long streak surprising even me.

While I have tons of blog stuff raring to be posted here, I’m currently finalizing the PHP stuff of something that I should be able to deliver by the end of the weekend. I spent a great deal of time with its MySQL backbone, (which is actually one thing I’m thankful for.) Though I have known the Apache-MySQL-PHP (AMP) setup as early as 5 years ago and have been playing with it around since about 3 to 4 years ago, this is the first real project I got to do involving that trio, (well 4 if you consider Linux for the LAMP bunch but I didn’t really do much tweaking in the Linux part there though I know my way around in the OS.)

My decision to pursue higher studies and my preparation for my daughter’s next school year leave me no choice but to explore other avenues of income to augment my means. I think it’s one of those extended lulls in the bloggers life when reality catches up on you.

Anything for a few bucks and another resumé line I guess.


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