Statistics and the Internet

An officemate forwarded a link to Internet Usage and Statistics in Asia from Internet World Stats. Data presented there collates internet usage against population figures of each asian nation to derive the percentage of the population using the internet, the percentage of the population of internet users among the internet users in Asia and the percentage of growth of internet users in each country from 2000 to 2007.

The Asian Netizen

If the numbers are to be believed, Asia takes up 36% of the world’s internet usage pie and has outpaced the rest of the world in terms of the growing number of users from 2000 to 2007. Though I didn’t have time to do much “research” on it’s sources, I think the data are pretty self-justifying if not self-explanatory for the following reasons among others:

  1. IT services have been steadily going Asia’s direction. India’s BPO sector has cashed in on the west-to-east movement of a lot of IT services during the previous years as a consequence of globalization. In fact its dominance in IT remains one important factor in its economic development.
  2. Manufacturing has been a familiar suite in Asia in the past two decades. We’ve seen China’s rapid economic rise because of manufacturing among others. Also we’ve seen Taiwan dominate the semiconductor industry in just about the same period.
  3. Research and development has been given significant and serious attention by China. In the past year for instance, the number of application for patents in China has already exceeded those in the U.S.
  4. The rise of Asian economies has started and continues to translate to a new market for internet users. With the record growth of economies in the region after the Asian Financial Crisis (AFC) in 1997, Asia has emerged as a significant market in technology usage.

A lot of those points were actually noted previously in a previous blog entry here.

It wasn’t surprising to see Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan having more than 60% of their population utilizing the information superhighway as these countries apart from being big spenders in IT, have been using technology to their advantage for as long as I can remember.

The Philippine Internet Horizon

The same site features data and information regarding the Philippine internet and telecommunications scene.

Before 1995 PLDT controlled most of the telephone industry in the country. One of the policies during the Ramos administration before the AFC was the new telecommunications policy act in 1995. The said policy deregulated telecommunications so as to get coverage to a greater area of the country. It somehow got results as in 1992 telephone lines got to only 1% of the country whereas it steadily increased to 4% by the end of 1999.

Internet usage on the other hand has seen a rapid increase in the recent years. Back in 2000, only 2.6% of the Philippine population made use of the internet compared to 9.3% in 2005 and 16.0% in 2006 if the figures there are to be believed.


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