That’s the Fifth Time Today

The Glorietta explosion last Friday not only got a lot of people killed and hurt but also got the country’s urban populace terrified to say the least. If the perpetrators of that incident had terrorism in mind, they sure got what they wanted. Until now the whole thing’s still under investigation.

What I don’t appreciate about bothered people is the fact that they have to forward something that’s obviously hard to verify. Take the following IM I got at least 5x today:

mgandang gabi s inyong laht isa ako na muslim taga lanao gsto ku po malmn ng laht pra umabot 2 sa mnila ktatpos now lng ang plan ni sheik ang utak s gloryeta plan nla pasbugin ang isa s traynoma sm mega 168 mrt union bank quiapo rcbc hsbc at marmi pa wag ipsa s kakilala nnyo na muslim bka mlmn nla n may nagkalat be4 nov 1 ang pagsabog gamit van na sskyan.

I don’t know about other people but I’d never send something that obviously offends people belonging to a particular religion and minority and easily sows terror among people going about with their own business near on or exactly in those places mentioned without actually placing such an alarming message under responsible scrutiny. Sadly because of last Friday’s events, it became understandable for people to be led to pass on such messages through SMS, IM or email.

Please keep in mind however that it still isn’t a good idea to pass on information which you yourself can’t vouch for.


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