Admit One

A couple of IT bits for the non-techie from the PDI website:

Next Stop: College!

The latest addition to one’s online searching suite is Schoogle. This one’s about schools and aims to help graduating high school students in terms of college admissions and scholarships. It’s a nationwide project hence the .PH extension.

Anyway nice intentions there that’s why I’m wishing the endeavor all the best. I sure hope top schools get to produce such programs and projects which actually help people in a very practical way. More of the PDI article here.

Retail Courses

The ‘tingi’ (retail) has always been very much a characteristic of the Filipino culture. In the recent decade for instance, we’ve seen retail Landline, Internet and Mobile Phone usage go retail with the use of phone and internet cards.

What comes as curious though is a service announced recently by One Logic Systech Inc. It’s basically a “low-cost e-learning service that provides online licensure board review modules for as low as P100 ($2.28).”

Now how this online business pans out is something I’d like to see.


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