Blog of the Day: John T. Reed

Technically not a blog but a sensible, honest and logical writer’s official site.

I’ve been reading content from John Reed’s official site ever since the time I searched for reviews of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He puts on more than enough, (the stuff there’s too much of an overkill against the book’s author,) to dislodge a lot of financial advice and other things from the book itself.

Anyway though the site’s very much dedicated to selling his books online, I still go there once in a while to read some stuff. Just recently I found a couple of things worth sharing here fortunately.

  1. Dumb things people should stop saying and writing – For instance, I can’t understand why people keep on saying irregardless when regardless alone not only suffices but more importantly is correct.
  2. The real estate B.S. artist detection checklist – True to his reputation as a serious critic of bad apples in the real estate business, he compiled a list of warning signals to look out for when faced with people from that direction. A lot of the items mentioned there even applies to a lot of sales people for other products and services.
  3. The silliness of looking for symbolism in literature – While I might not entirely argue on his tone on this topic, I just can’t help but wonder how much criticisms he got for this. Sure sounds like a time bomb to set off tons of hate-mail from the ever-symbolism-loving world of literature.

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