I Knew It!

ma_360-beta_1.gifSo after IBM ending Redbooks, Yahoo 360‘s officially going and based from this, this and this posts Yahoo’s hard pressed at addressing the mixed feelings of 360 people who found their home there. No wonder rumors about what’s happening abound there!

Not that I still care really, (jumped ship long ago.) It’s more of a sigh of relief as it turned out my hunch over how that service was lacking the progress it had to scale to become a major player in the blogging scene was already suspect of a lack of direction of those behind it, wasn’t just unreasonably coming from my frustrations solely. Coming from the first ones from this country, (if not the first literally,) to dive into 360, I thought that little Beta in the 360 logo sure looked strangely overdue there.

And I won’t even get into the particular details of my frustrations there.


2 Responses

  1. kinda uncharacteristic of yahoo really but i’m with you on the “who cares” stance. i haven’t logged onto mine in close to a year already.

  2. i wouldn’t say it’s uncharacteristic really. they ceased to continue with their Yahoo service just last Sept. More of a lack of direction I think but I’m not placing the blame entirely on them. The web business is so rabid and rapidly evolving that it’s practically hard to keep your share of the market intact for a long time.

    Anyway thanks for commenting here btw.

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