And the World Pool Champion This Year Is…

Daryl Peach.

A lot late an entry here but the tangles I’ve been handling this time of the year left me with little time to squeeze this one through. Anyway there it is. It’s the guy from England who held the trophy in the end by staying in the game long enough to find the final push and opportunity to steal the crown from a Filipino in his turf.

And that must’ve felt bad so sour for Gomez to say the least. He had a very hot streak in the eliminations only to crumble in the last hurdle. Moreover he had his chances. While both of them actually did have errors, the ultimate blunder was the give-away shot at the 9-ball when the scores were tied at 15 a piece. His miss led to Peach coming back to the table and had the latter sealing the crown as he made a ball shot after shot until the next rack.

I felt so frustrated having to spend all those hours in front of the TV because I was rooting for a fellow countryman. I guess it’s pretty much nothing compared to the guy who spent all those weeks taking world class pool players down not to mention all those practices to remain at par with the competition.

That is not to say that Peach didn’t deserve the crown. He did and he certainly deserves respect. He has earned mine when he did that against a hometown favorite in an excitingly close game marred by unforced errors by timely composing himself in the end to end any hopes of another Filipino bagging the title.

Better luck next year fellow pool fans.


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