Food for Thought

A recent Time article takes a look at the effect of the rise of food prices worldwide especially among poor nations. Growing demand for food among fast growing economies such as India and China, rising oil prices affecting other agriculture commodities in turn, and global warming affecting harvests because of changes in climate, were among the main reasons raised in the material. That as images of riots related to basic commodities in poor nations in Asia and Africa are mentioned to depict a worsening global problem.

Now I wouldn’t have written about this were it not for a local problem related to the issue. Last week, leelock wrote about another Arroyo-China deal “allowing the lease of 1,000,000 hectares of our land to Jilin Fuhua Corporation.” Towards the end of the her entry, she posted a question of why we won’t grow food from our own land.

Given the global basic commodity problem international organizations express concern over and a largely unaddressed overpopulation problem, it all the more makes sense to support agriculture domestically. If the trend on global food and basic necessities Time reports and the growth of the Philippine population are indications, it would be worse to become more dependent on the global market for agriculture.


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