Who Am I? – Moomai

MoomaiOne of the many things in my long list of things I could afford to put off for tomorrow would be to check out Syndeo Media’s Moomai. The close of the semester couldn’t have been more timely.

Moomai is basically another networking site which, unlike other networking sites, have something new to offer. Leave it to Luis to prep cool online stuff as he puts:

…it’s a social-network, and that at its core, it takes its cues from the looking-glass theory, as originally posited by the sociologist C.H. Cooley over a century ago. Yeah, I’m pretty old-school that way.

Anyway all the time I had then afforded me to just skim over some of its features: the ratings, invites , moods and friends functionalities of the site. Right now I’m still looking forward to try out other features especially the Quilts functionality. The idea of a community contributing pixelized works to an overall quilt somewhat reminds me of the threeway back at hifi then.

Its ratings system is all about a unique set of words forming a descriptive sentence based on the rating set by contacts. So far my friends think that I’m a:

  • loaded, omniscient awkward turtle who doesn’t exercise very much
  • sophisticated, ripped barfly who solves friends’ Calculus problems for kicks
  • wealthy, pedantic barfly who is quite huggable
  • prodigious, middle-class barfly who likes to get the most out of his buffet money
  • twiggy, middle-class keeper of the groove who lives in the future
  • swoon-worthy, diplomatic, cerebral softy with a good credit rating
  • yummy, financially-capable prodigy who loves his friends

I haven’t played much with the moods functionality for the same reason why I’ve been on a hiatus for months here. Anyway, it’s a pretty easy way to inform your network in the internet world about your general mood on certain days. The provided timeline there says pretty much everything about one’s mood swings.

As with other networking sites, the friend and invites functionalities serve their purpose well. That is, one gets to see his/her friends moomai updates easily and invite other non-member friends to join the community just as easily.

So to those interested, I still have around 40+ invites to give out.


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