Footnote to the Sisyphean Life

Or a cheap shot at the monotonous routine I’ve been shackled with for nearly half a year now. Goes without saying therefore that I’m putting off a sensible entry for the nth time again. 😀

Just when I thought a much-needed break from my post-graduate foray would have helped, I find myself in a situation where I have to exert something more. With the way costs in the family shot up these days, (not to mention unforeseen expenses squeezing my take-home pay these days,) I had little choice but to slave away supposedly free time that was for summer vacation for my neurons for more work and stress and less sleep and time for the family and myself.

Guess the only positive thing I must admit from having to go through this whole ordeal is in its influence on, if not the utter transformation of a lot of my perspectives–financial, career, family and life in general among others. I never thought I would’ve changed so much in so short a span of time.

And as I gaze at my sleeping daughter, I can only hope a lot if not all of them were for the best.


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