Online Ups and Downs

Just some tech things stacked at the back of my head no longer.

Bye, Bye Goowy

Having been a curious bystander of the internet for more than a decade now, I’ve seen internet technologies come and go. Early this year I blogged about Yahoo 360‘s sunset. This time I’m writing about Goowy.

It’s pretty much an understatement that I’ve been one satisfied customer of the goowy-style desktop-on-the-web concept. I’ve pretty much blogged about it at Yahoo 360 (incidentally,) ever since I started using it. Email, games, widgets, (which they call minis there,) IM using popular services such as GTalk and YM and an online virtual storage for files with an audio player as an added bonus. The latter came well after gaining a bit of popularity. Back then it looked pretty much like this:

Yup it was pretty much promising then considering that I haven’t even tried the contacts and calendar functionalities even yet. I’ve seen it become more and more power-packed with every addition of functionality from the goowy group. Until now, my webtop appeared like this:

The strange turn for goowy came when it was acquired by AOL early this year. More than a month after this , goowy made its intention to migrate the service to the AOL webtop.

So now, I’m left with a lot of online accounts goowy-bound to worry about.

Not Just Another Search Engine

These days when the netizen finds the search engine among his/her indispensable online tools, it seems hard to believe that there’s something much more to improve on the experience. Then came Searchme:

Just something I came across at linkswarm*. Though still in beta, the different experience reminds one of the Windows Vista experience. Not really surprising as I’ve seen design stuff (e.g. icons) inspired by that OS. A sample search shows something like:

Not bad for a beta. Now I’d like to shuffle more relevant search results in the future though.

* Something massive enough to warrant another thread really.


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