When Everything’s Said and Done

Yesterday’s NBA result had the Spurs earning the right to move into the semifinals of the western conference. I have been wanting to write about what seemed to be imminent when the team held the lead at 3-0. I know better though as stranger things have happened in that league. Who would have forgotten last year’s first round upset which had the Mavs booted courtesy of the Warriors?

How much more for a year when the overly competitive western conference had to drop off that same Warriors team despite having close to 50 wins? The playoffs haven’t been exactly bland either with the top two teams in the league during the regular season surprisingly still slugging it out in a supposedly easy series. Not only does that makes this year’s playoffs exciting to say the least, these also goes to show how much the level of competition throws the odds against fearless predictions of even the most seasoned sports analysts.

While I have already written my piece on how mainstream sports media tended to overhype the MVP race, I won’t loathe any of them who picked the Spurs to go home early this year. I have been rooting for the Spurs since the start of the millennium and have seen how much more difficult it was for them to go all the way this year than before. Sure they have experience but their struggles towards the latter half of the regular season in a very competitive 9-horse-race conference seemed to suggest that age caught up with them. I’m not even including their even-year jinx here. 😀

Suffice it to say that there were serious obstacles in the Spur’s bid to repeat this year. I’ve seen it myself and I’ll give it to the experts who had to consider them pragmatically when weighing the odds.

How they managed to reduce the anticipated first-round blockbuster where they were popularly perceived to be the underdogs, I won’t delve in here. Even though I would have placed my money on them this year anyway, I’ve never had more doubts in them this year than I had in the previous ones. Who would have thought nearly two weeks later then, that they’re moving on to the semis, let alone advance in that fashion?

All I’m sure right now is that I’m not in that lot, at least among those who saw the latter.


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