The Digital Age in Green

In expressing my reluctance to jump into Vista’s ship a few posts ago, the main point raised there is that there’s nothing much new brought to the table at the expense of the number of computers going to the obsolescence mill. Also included is a mention of the concept paper I did for an environmental management elective–one on e-waste.

Approaching the E-waste Issue

E-waste refers to the environmental issue of discarded electrical and electronics posing environmental and health hazards to the immediate environment where it is left or mismanaged. That is so because such equipments make use of toxic and hazardous components.

In the course of my research I’ve encountered a lot of materials to help address the problem. Given what I came across with, it has to be said that environmental groups have been creative and therefore effective at presenting the issue to the public. A very good case in point would be Greenpeace‘s Guide to Greener Electronics.

Guide to Greener Electronics takes a scorecard approach in benchmarking household names in “personal computers, mobile phones, TV’s and gaming consoles.” That is, given a defined criteria, Greenpeace ranks the manufacturers and presents the order quarterly. The latest results given last March shows Samsung and Toshiba sharing first place with a score of 7.7 and Nintendo still lagging the pack at 0.3.

Since I doubt object embedding can be done object embedding cannot be done here at wordpress, here’s the a screen shot of the ranking graphic they have for the said period:

Guide to Greener Electronics Ranking

Supporting Green Products–Who Would’ve Known?

U600 pictureWhile Samsung really hasn’t changed it’s score from last December’s evaluation, I find their resolve for greener products a coincidental bonus for my change of mobile phone last December. While my actual intention was to have something which gives me the capability to read PDF files, I didn’t want to give up what my Asus V66 essentially does for me, (camera, video recorder, mp3 player, radio, storage.) Just goes to show how minimalist, (or practical, or both) an IT guy I am I guess.

The need for the PDF viewer however, had me getting something so as to maximize my travel time during the weekdays for the past semester. At a time when I barely had time to rest because of the need for a strict time management*, it only made sense to tap into the time I spend for travelling (3-4 hours daily) to read up on school stuff.

Throw in a better camera and video recorder, more storage, a slimmer built and the fact that I “inadvertently” supported an environmentally friendly product and I’d have to say I’m pretty satisfied with how I spent my hardearned money on a new U600 then. That despite having a noticeably short battery life and an irksome glare when viewing the display under direct sunlight that is.

The image btw is linked from the GSM Arena section for the U600.

*I guess the fact that I didn’t actually have the time to blog about my little acquisition was the give away there. 😀


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