A Slice of Diversity

For the longest time I’ve known, I’ve never been stuck with a single topic alone when it comes to having my interest in the internet. For more than a decade now, I’ve been one of the netizens watching along the sidelines for what would be significant for a lot more years to come.

Perhaps one of the things that has captured the imagination of internet users is that the internet presents the perfect universe for diversity. Its birth was brought about by the need to exchange scientific information. Its growth was fueled by the potential businesses saw in it. At present the networks and servers spanning the internet’s entirety has gone beyong business, science and the academe to accomodate a wide range of audience for just as wide as a myriad of purposes. Social networks, blogs and different forums are just some which come to mind in one of the venues defining the age of information.

It’s that vastness and variety of information that has me watching time and again. I guess its those qualities of the internet’s currency which sustains itself in an time which puts a premium on information. It is indeed an age where the idiom “information-at-your-fingertips” has long been relegated to the cliche backyard, to say the least.

More importantly for me, such heterogeneity and massiveness causes me to re-visit sites time and again. Once I found it in highfiber and linkswarm. During the time when I had been a resident linksman in the former, I found a lot of postworthy stuff from the latter. With the former gone however, I find myself visiting the latter more.

Having written at least two entries from finds stuffed up there,* here are just some reads and material worth the time going through them for at least those who don’t mind spending their time idly peeking through other corners of cyberspace:

Yup, it’s as varied as that. As a wonderful bonus too, the NSFW marker’s too conspicuous to miss out in the workplace. 😀

*Such entries include a feature on war insights, the latest kid-related entry and a look at another shot at the search engine.


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