Last Straws

I’ve been meaning to write about SA’s demise or triumph against NO by now but who would have known? I guess the fact that there still are two final straws to be drawn in the NBA magnifies the level of competition out there right now. While the last slot for the east will be determined a few hours from now, the game out west will have to wait for a day.

All I can say right now is that should SA end its quest for a repeat, (and thereby hold on to its even-numbered year jinx,) I would concede NO to be worthy of dropping them off from the running. While the games of that series have all ended in blowouts, it’s pretty much of a surprise that the young athletes have made it that far in such a fashion.

It’s in the playoffs where SA bucks in to win-it-all throughout the years. Before the second round started, it was such a sound assumption to write off NO as another would-be victim of the tested veterans but things have changed so much in the course of 6 games. Despite owning the playoffs, it’s the defending champs who were in the win-or-lose situation prior to game 6.

So much as I’m looking forward to have everything rely on just one last game, I’m praying for at least a close game befitting the manner of exit for the matchup’s loser.


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  1. Fan of SA? I’d say the odds of winning game 7 are against them, with around 81% of games being won at home court.

    I never really noticed the Hornets during the season, but watching their games vs Spurs made me a believer in Chris Paul at some point. Although whoever wins in that match will get a good beating from Lakers, former champs or not.

  2. Yup, I’m for SA.

    Much as I’d agree that the odds are against them, I think that their experience should amount to something in that game. We’ve seen staggered glimpses of it throughout the series but NO is just too good at bucking on their youth and athleticism. Add a championship-caliber coach who knows what it takes to win it all and we have the somewhat uncomfortable situation for the defending champs right now.

    Also as I see it, I think that stat’s immaterial already coming into that game. What that stat shows are current trends in how present playoff series pan out and not how game 7’s do. There are far too many factors, (physical, mental conditions, et al,) other than stats and I think all of those far outweigh the road win-loss figures for this year’s post season.

    As for the next round though, I don’t think LA’s gonna find the matchup from whichever team emerges from the game 7 winner easy. I’d choose the odds in favor of the lakers anyway and I like the chances of whoever wins the western finals to win everything.

    Finally, thanks for dropping by. 😀

  3. You gotta see this, Mr. Spurs fan:,82883
    9 & 37 win, but check out 1, 52 & 53.

    Sorry about that, I should have said stats are that 81% of game 7 is won at homecourt.

    Still, I agree with your thoughts on Popovich being championship-caliber. I’ve bet on Spurs because it’s the safe thing to do, but I would really wish for lightning to strike and see them beaten before they could even reach conf finals. Sorry, I was a fan in 2005, if it’s any consolation. This year I’ve just developed this penchant for underdogs beating the big scary monsters, and star players winning titles for the first time in their careers. If NO wins this game, I would love to see them crushed to pieces by Lakers. Just because I wanna see Lakers go head-to-head against Celtics. And then in the championship series I want to see all of Celtics go home in tears, and that’s how I’ll feel that justice has been served for what has been done to Cavs earlier this morning. Tee hee.

  4. No biggie really. Wouldn’t it be “boring” if we all had the same preferences? Now that would be more boring than watching SA and Detroit plod on their half-court setups. 😀

    Anyway now that NO ended up next in line for vacation, LA’s the next stop. I just wish they don’t end up like NY circa 1999 and Dallas at present. Just like I said, whichever team emerges in that match-up would be poised to win it all against Boston. Unless Detroit comes out of the East that is.

    And on the stats and trends, I guess I have to clarify that further. I have a statistician for a wife who readily agrees how silly it is to point out how important home court advantage is here especially against matured teams since the game boils down to how 5 players execute against 5 players from the opposing team alone. In this case that would be 5 players from the visiting team who has played a number of game 7’s on top of many playoffs series before. That said it would highly be unlikely that SA’s 5 on the floor would be rattled as the game progresses.

    Basketball as a team sport leaves a lot of dynamics which can’t exclusively be attributed to science, statistics and numbers. Psychological factors, hussle, defensive fundamentals and coaching miscues are some things which don’t show up in stats yet which add up to essentials in winning at this stage of the season.

    Throughout all the years of watching their games, I’ve seen them actually defy supposed “odds” placed against them by supposed experts. They did it in 05 against Phoenix not by flexing their defensive muscle but by using the Suns strong suite (offense) to the surprise of everyone. They defied the odds placed against them by the experts against ironically Phoenix this year. They’re just too good at finding a way to win.

    If you were to ask me, there are really just two teams right now to which historically-based stats don’t really mean much. Those would be the teams still standing in the west. Both clubs have the right pieces to negate home court advantage come the finals. At least for me, I wouldn’t worry if either Phil or Greg’s team had to play game 7 of the finals out east.

    Oh and nice link btw. 😉

  5. Yeah, I guess the stats are always skewed in favor of Spurs because you factor in experience and hell of a lot of surprises which is really their battle plan. Those sneaky old farts.

    They easily beat NO’s asses on their own court yesterday. I guess that says enough about that damn statistics.

    I’m still hoping for an exciting finals series with Lakers vs Celtics. If Spurs make it, then I’m still ok with that.

  6. Well if it’s any consolation to you, I really think the Lakers have the edge in that match-up. And I’m not holding that opinion back because I’m not an “expert” to jinx LA’s chances btw. Hahahaha…

    Just the same, I wouldn’t have trouble having LA represent the west either because whoever comes out of the conference finals would’ve already earned the right to do so.

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