72 Months Hence

It was only recently that I’ve realized that it has been six years since I started working. Perhaps it was this collection of ID pics from my first job that caused the pause to look back at what happened and changed over that span of time. Looking at my pic there, it does seem a no-brainer that I changed.

Normally I’d be offended with anyone posting my pic elsewhere but the time capsule idea struck me as wonderfully thoughtful. So there’s one change. That and the ones fatherhood, IT, postgraduate education, and corporate and filipino life I’ve been subjected through all those times. To the first I now owe my disposition and happiness, the second through the fourth professionalism, and the latter the roots of my culture and beliefs. To all however a great deal of dedication.

Finally the fact that I don’t recognize a lot of faces there let alone remember a lot of those persons says a lot of the amount of time that passed and how I actually got to spend such time in this minute corner of the universe. Hell, I might even be able to write truckloads of posts on all the incidents and experiences all throughout but why bother when even time rolls along so elusively to capture everything in our finite spaces.

One thing nice about life is that it allows us to take brief pauses along the way to glance back before yanking us to move on ahead. It might not mean a lot but it sure helps somehow.


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