Diminishing the Slice

The Philippines ranks second to the last after Indonesia in terms of the average annual salary of IT professionals. That is if the ZDNet Asia IT Salary Benchmark Survey 2008 is to be believed.

Early this month, ZDNet Asia released an online article summarizing the results of the survey. There the Philippines ranked 6th among 7 countries where it was reported that IT professionals averaged an annual salary of $12,425. Indonesia placed last with its pros getting $7,709 annually.

Get more information from the detailed report here. Registration is required though.

The Intellectual Pinnacle

Or at least what the majority thinks…

More than a month ago, I wrote of my participation in a Foreign Policy survey regarding the world’s top intellectuals of this age. Upon checking FP last week again, the results were in and 2 of those I voted made it, (Chomsky and Gore.) Yup the pretty obvious ones in the list made it.

More of the results here.

Back with a Vengeance!

Or so I hope…

So on a stormy day which never had the place where I am see the sun, it was such a welcome to have one of the good things back. To think I was earnestly waiting for a regular doze of rain to freshen the ambience in our humble abode.

Just earlier this day, I found the link to highfiber conspicuously in Luis’s YM status message.

While I didn’t find the “announcement” interesting per se, it struck me that it might have been that the day a number of former members of the site were anticipating would’ve been now. So curiosity had me going to the site and staring at the new site again for quite a while. I never had it low on being busy but for something that used to be a part of my usual routine, I just had to make time to look around.

So after registration, I was off to a few comments. It was like the first few days I spent on that site, I was getting a feel on whether I still belong to the community. It never fails to be an wise policy in an anything-goes site really.

I just love the registration notification email:


Welcome to Highfiber! We have returned. You are fortunate.

Your login: XXXXXXXX
Your password: XXXXXXXX


Hahahahahaha… And so the asylum’s back indeed!

Waiting for the Rain

I’ve been thankful when June came in. Far more than marking another milestone in my daughter’s education, it was supposed to be a welcome reprieve from the blistering summer. To a family who had to forgo getting an aircon, it was definitely worth anticipating.

The wait had to extend to half a month though as the first droplet of June’s rains started pouring just early this week. For three days now the passes of the showers were generally short-lived. It lasted a few hours at best during afternoons though it was definitely better than having to sleep in a room where the heat accumulated from an arid afternoon.

So the turn of the year nears. At least says the faint trickling of drizzle drops left from this afternoon’s rain while I puff my usual afternoon cigarette smoke into the invigorated ambiance.

Before Going on Further

From where I am, Father’s Day passed just like an ordinary day–if a mad dash to get some school work done in advance qualifies as ordinary that is. I guess it gets harder to find time to do everything you need and want to do as you grow old. Yup I’m not denying it anymore. 😀

So before I drown myself again in the frenzy of what looks like another long hiatus for this blog, I’d just like to thank everyone who remembered.

Counting Sheep

So after the blackout around midnight got me sweltering from where I was catching sleep, I’m left wide awake and thinking about a lot of things. A lot because I’d go nuts not to list them down as todo’s, (yup the order has to be important.)

Not that I’m harboring OCish tendencies this time but the things about work, career and family’s starting to pile up again. So much that it’s becoming that time again when everything I’m supposed to do collectively becomes hard to juggle. Time management’s at a premium again and with the peak comes the great tendency to tax rest for failing to do so. Time for suicide on the 3 broad words keeping me preoccupied since the past year again I guess.

So after watching children next door manifest their imaginations through movements of shadows, equally uncomfortable people on the streets moving away from the humidity of their homes plunged into darkness and an elderly man nearby curse the Lopezes for the blackout, I sit here hours after the lights went on. As I look at what I need to do, that familiar uncertainty seems recognizable but definitely workable this time around.

Now if I could only get to sleep to charge up for the long day ahead. Or make that 2 longs days ahead.