Counting Sheep

So after the blackout around midnight got me sweltering from where I was catching sleep, I’m left wide awake and thinking about a lot of things. A lot because I’d go nuts not to list them down as todo’s, (yup the order has to be important.)

Not that I’m harboring OCish tendencies this time but the things about work, career and family’s starting to pile up again. So much that it’s becoming that time again when everything I’m supposed to do collectively becomes hard to juggle. Time management’s at a premium again and with the peak comes the great tendency to tax rest for failing to do so. Time for suicide on the 3 broad words keeping me preoccupied since the past year again I guess.

So after watching children next door manifest their imaginations through movements of shadows, equally uncomfortable people on the streets moving away from the humidity of their homes plunged into darkness and an elderly man nearby curse the Lopezes for the blackout, I sit here hours after the lights went on. As I look at what I need to do, that familiar uncertainty seems recognizable but definitely workable this time around.

Now if I could only get to sleep to charge up for the long day ahead. Or make that 2 longs days ahead.


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