A Video and Cake Hence

It seems a lot of geeks can’t get enough of the firefox 3 download day gimmick and as a consequence of the social surplus getting more and more out of people’s time these days, a video at YouTube now presents a parody of microsoft’s supposed predicament on the mozilla phenomenon:

Not bad for the first video I get to post here. The cake is shown here and thanks to minor of highfiber for the stuff by the way.

5 Responses

  1. send them a cake. lol

    i dunno about you, but FF3 had some major bugs when i used it so i switched back to the old one. some sites don’t even display even on the stable FF2 (i.e. facebook, gmail) i dunno.

  2. i prefer the older versions too. my hot mail keeps reverting back to classic mode. wonder why. i dont like classic mode.

  3. @larry: now that you pointed that out. i’m beginning to think it was meant a la Marie Antoinette. uhm, ok… let’s leave it at that lest the conspiracy theorists win me over completely. :))

    on the FF3 bugs you were mentioning, to be honest i’ve not tried it yet. i’ve seen favorable reviews raving from FF-savy techies but my better sense tells me to wait. i’ve made it a policy not to jump into any tech bandwagon immediately especially if doing so requires that i tinker something from my end.

    thus the only ones i get to try earlier on would be new sites and web services because if worse comes to worst, there’s nearly zero probability that it’s not my computer which is going to end up trashed.

    @chelsea: you have to be the only person i know* who considers hotmail usage in his/her browser preference. 😉

    *well technically i do know you online. you’re one digital entity who bothers to comment here from time to time and is among the few who keep content on the region to the left moving.

    thanks for commenting here before i forget.

  4. that’s “favorable reviews from FF savy…” strike out “raving”

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