Just a Readability Check

No this is not about a programming language criterion.

I found the Blog Readability Test over leelock‘s blog worthwhile. Guess I really need the reprieve from the Sisyphean routine I’ve subjected myself to. After all I found it curious as to how I changed over the years in terms of writing. So I went there and took a quick peek.

Here’s what the test has to say about the stuff I managed to pile up here so far:

blog readability test

And since I’ve got a little less than 5 minutes left to spare, I tried two other samples. Since it’s pretty convenient for me to get the blog links from the last two comments here.

So as far as Larry‘s blog goes:

blog readability test

And finally that of Chelsea‘s:

blog readability test

How’d that happen, I don’t know. I’m confused too… :))