The Sky’s Falling!

I know a lot of people who anchor a sense of disgust over the tendency of mainstream media to sensationalize news in a number of established institutions’ practice of reportage. The great exaggerations and tendency to stick to poor journalism practices tend to earn the ire of those who expect media people to adhere to sensibilities when it comes to their craft. That general sentiment is a lot of times aimed at TV news broadcasts.

I for one know people who have that sense of disappointment over how news is delivered by the two largest television networks in the country. In some situations, I find myself among the flock of detractors though. I hate it when I encounter good sense and better judgment breached during the few times I catch glimpses of news on TV. In that sense therefore, I can say I don’t blame those who cuddle such sentiments really.

That’s why I found Nathan Robinson’s tirade of Fox News stemming from his frustrations in his attempt to stick to the network entirely for 24 hours rather amusingly candid. Nowadays the tone of alarm seems to be a much needed ingredient reporting that the articles author had essentially captured in writing:

Greta Van Susteren introduced one of her news stories this way: “It’s real, it’s terrifying. All the horrible details coming up next.” And I think that captures the FOX philosophy fairly well. The message of the network seems to be “It’s a scary world out there. You’re going to need a gun and some deep-seated prejudice if you’re going to make it out alive.”

Well if it’s any consolation though, it seems a lot saner here given the fact that they have a lot crazier things to report on in our coasts.