Footnotes to an Aftermath

So this is the silver lining for me this year.

I just finished the semester at school yesterday after passing my answer sheets for the last exam yesterday. Far more than ending just another episode in the pursuit of that elusive degree on postgraduate studies, I could now sleep for 8 hours like an ordinary person. I could now watch cable TV whose subscription I’ve been paying for yet haven’t watched for nearly a couple of months now. I now get to drink beer without having to the many predicaments I’m met. And perhaps the most important one would be getting to catch up and spend more time with the family.

Prior to yesterday, I just kept on pushing myself, just waiting for the time when I would’ve breached my physical limitations. Prior to yesterday, everything was just about regular work at the office and overtime work at home, studies and diminishing quality time for the family. It was so hectic that I couldn’t remember now how I was able to squeeze in sleep then.

Blame it on last month. My mother-in-law passed away after spending a little over 2 weeks in the hospital. Not to content with saddling me with having to make up work for my absence in these busy days, a little over a week after she was interred, I contracted dengue. Another month in the hospital had me dashing for deadlines at school and piled-up “urgents” at work. This blog which had its fair share of my time then had to take the backseat.

It’s so relieving to see a lot of the stress from school released. It’s so much a welcome that I now get to revel in the slow pace of today and the next few days. It’s so much a relief that I get to set aside the great amount of coffee for now as much as the excuse to exceed my smoking quota for quite a time now. It’s so much a relief that I now get to wake up without much urgency in the day.

This has got to be the best tasting beer for me this year.

2 Responses

  1. hooray! 🙂

  2. hi leelock. thanks for the heads up.

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