On Smooth Cuts

Pattern welded Damascened steel sheath knife

And now for a bit of history.

It has oftentimes been the stuff of legend that the Muslims had a weapon that supposedly gave them the advantage over Christian counterparts during the crusades. The former is said to have swords strong enough to cut “through European swords and even rock.” That is, the Damascus sword prided itself of strength and sharpness.

Two years ago, its molecular properties have been studied by a group from the University of Dresden. The result? The blacksmiths of yore were inadvertently using nanotechnology as the carbon nanotubes found in the study indicate. More on the article here.

I found the succeeding comments of interest too. For example, there was one who pointed out another supposed inadvertent nanotechnology in history: this time in stained glass. I haven’t read the link given yet though.

The image here is linked from the given wikipedia article. Yup, that was pretty lazy of me.


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