A Hiatus Hence

A streak of blanks after a string of posts last month. I hardly even recognize my drafts anymore.

Seriously that was how much (and long) rest I needed to recharge. It felt relieving to just bum around with computer games after work when the last time I freely indulged myself like this was during the summer.

Then there was that much needed rest due for nearly a month. It was pretty much an alternating routine of games and catching up on sleep the past month that kept me away from here. Throw in a new “toy” I got to have last week and it sure comes as surprising that I got to get this kicked up here. (This might have to wait for another entry though as I’m keeping the fanboyisms out of this post.) And I almost forgot about me and my daughter’s simple birthdays btw.

Then again I can always count on the lame excuse of second sem classes revving up my gears to spend more time tapping the keyboard for comprehensible stuff and not for hotkeys. Now that school’s here, (at least as far as one of my two subjects is concerned,) I’m suddenly warped back to that deadline-laden mindset enough for me to turn to this blog for solace again. When my major subject officially gets its act together, I can only imagine how much time I can keep up with this again though.

So I guess it’s time to get going again.


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