Tying the Knot

Because I would be among the last ones to come to mind when it comes to public speech, pulling off one in front of more than ten qualifies as an “achievement” for me.

Strange as it seems, I find it easier to go more than 48 hours straight pressing my gray matter in analytical work, (read Software Development,) rather than get my act together for at most 5 minutes talking to an audience. For all the Speech Communication’s worth of pointers from High School and College, the thought of doing it still remains my greatest Waterloo.

When the time came to give one for my brother’s wedding last Saturday though, I had to literally “face my fear” and give it my best shot. With a few hours of preparations the early hours of Friday afforded me, the following was what I came up with:

Good evening everyone. Thank you for your presence in this very special day for PJ and Nikki.

While it is customary to enumerate dos and don’ts for wedding speeches, I don’t think I would go there. Mainly because I have miles to go with my own marriage and partly because I honestly think there’s no hard and fast list of specifics that would fit every couple’s story.

Given that, though, there still remains that one thing which holds for all marriages. And that is that God should remain at the center of the relationship.

We have been thoughtfully reminded earlier that no marriage is perfect. Given this, His guidance is definitely important should the times get hard and the trials become even harder.

So in behalf of the family, I would like to wish you—-PJ and Nikki—-the best of luck as you begin a new chapter in your lives. We are happy for the both of you and may the Lord be with you all throughout your marriage. It is my earnest hope that everyone here will get the chance to hear in the future what you will have to say about your wonderful memories together.

To PJ, you’ve grown up to be that ambitious and responsible young man ready for married life—-all the way from that rash and impatient boy I grew up with. I ask the Lord to guide you in all your endeavors as you venture on to become a family man.

To Nikki, welcome to the family and thank you for making my brother the happiest man in the world tonight.

Thank you once again to everyone here and a wonderful evening to all.

Of course it looks more wonderful in print than when I actually delivered it. And it was the delivery which almost doomed me. My wife and relatives told me my nervousness was noticeable, although she also said I was already fine in the end. It felt wonderful that a number there said the message was beautiful though.

So I’m taking that as a good start in the public speech area with the lapses as pointers charged to experience.

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