A Software a Day

Because of my recent crash course with the LAMP mix for a real project, I got to add another duo of softwares in my computing sleeves.


notepadpp.jpgI never went out of my way looking for a trusty Notepad replacement because I didn’t use it much then. When I ended up opening different file types for different scripts and file formats among others however, I knew I had to start searching.

I encountered Notepad++ in a forum back then so I decided to try it out. Among the things I liked about it compared to Notepad are:

  1. It simply has lots more functionalities. Editing’s definitely easier because of more advanced find and replace allowing the user to specify regular expressions. Another plus is the ability to split the window to allow two views of the contents of the same file.
  2. It supports various syntax of different programming languages. As a Developer, I don’t even wanna think about how much time and effort the software’s creator put into including such functionalities as reserved word highlighting and collapsible blocks of code. Luckily for this one, I’m the end user needing something for PHP, HTML, CSS, DB scripts, INI and log files.
  3. It supports a lot of plugins. Since I was very busy to install Hiew back then, the Hex Editor plugin was sure helpful.
  4. It allows me to open various files in different tabs in the same window. Ever since I have always preferred different files to be opened by the same application opened using minimal number of windows. That was one reason why I switched to Firefox years ago when I had to put up with such behavior of IE6.


firebuglogo.jpgThe code’s there but the functionality’s not. Not surprising as it’s oftentimes been told that a rule of thumb in programming is that things don’t always work properly the first time.

Prior to Firebug, debugging web applications was so much a pain in the neck. The Firefox extension however has proven to be helpful in going about with Javascript and most especially CSS that I’d be sharing the sentiment of those guys from the review who wouldn’t be doing web development without Firebug anymore.

It’s a Blogger’s World

The recent outrage over Malu Fernandez’s articles in two publications found a convenient yet very effective medium of expression in cyberspace: the blog and forums. The former is even more effective as it enables the writer to put his or her thoughts without the restrictions commonly associated with forums where other people have a degree of claim to the same space. Also the fact that blogs are dispersed all across the internet that the fact that a lot of people blogging about a common topic not only puts a great deal of significance in the medium but also becomes at the very least a good indicator of public opinion.

Just Me

I’ve been blogging for at least 3 years now starting with Yahoo 360. Early this year I moved here because I’ve found the blogging functionalities of 360 insufficient. Now however, I’m thinking of moving elsewhere again, (maybe Blogspot,) because of two main reasons: the technical limitations of wordpress.com like the restriction of javascript and iframe from posts, and the non-tolerance for ads even if the blog owner wishes to include them.

I won’t argue such restrictions here though, (they say beggars can’t be choosers.) So I looked at several posts and found this and this. The former confirms the wordpress.com restriction on ads while the latter links NodBlog as a free wordpress blog hosting service. When I get the time from my busy schedule though, I think I’m moving this elsewhere again. With the way things are going however, I’ll be lucky if I can pull that one out before the year ends.

Finally just for the heck of it, you might want to click on the graphic below to find out how much your blog’s worth:

My blog is worth $7,903.56.
How much is your blog worth?

So after 6 months, this spot’s still pretty much cheap!


To interested bloggers anyway, here are some useful entries about blogging from elsewhere:

  • How do you find Time to Blog? – definitely worth a look if you’re one who’s anything like me. With time management an issue for the busy bee, this one’s definitely worth a look.
  • 7 Points to Consider When Blogging for Money and How to Find Advertisers for your Website? – Taking off from where I left off earlier, here are stuff for the bloggers serious in cashing on the time and effort on maintaining their blog. No one’s saying it’s gonna be easy though.
  • Copyright Law: 12 Do’s and Don’ts – A pretty important read if you’d ask me. One thing that’s going to get a blogger in trouble are copyright issues so it’s better to read up including the exchange of comments there. Dunno how much U.S. copyright laws should affect foreign violations though so it’s still best to consult a lawyer versed on such pertinent laws.
  • 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid – Pretty much a lump of all mistakes the web designer has encountered from cyberspace in one place or another. The post and the ensuing comments include SEO and usability tips that should benefit the web designer’s while.

Freelancing Anyone?

If you’re a Notes/Domino guy and have been weeding through the IBM’s Notes forums in the course of using the technology, chances are you’ve encountered Benedict Poole, (or benpoole if you’re more familiar with his Notes.net handle.) The guy’s got a big name in Notes/Domino development for years now that he’s one of those Notes people whose blog I visit once in a while.

Anyway I encountered his entry on freelancing last week and I must say that after reading a few articles, it was a nice find. He’s right: It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information.

The entry basically points to a site dealing with stuff on freeleancing called Freelance Switch. Seems ’twas aptly named as the first entry one gets to see today would be the top 10 reasons you should quit your job today and become a freelancer. Also here are some stuff I already got to check out there which are definitely noteworthy, (I have taken the actual titles of articles as is.)

101 Essential Freelancing Resources

An update indicates that the actual number of resources is currently 126. Just the same however, get links to important and useful online resources for Timing, Invoicing, Project Management and Organization, Stock Libraries, Business Tools, Legal, Job Boards, Web Tools, Advertising and Marketing and other Miscellaneous stuff. (Told you this site’s worth a closer look.)

The Monster List of Freelancing Job Sites

Another extensive list this time of freelancing job sites. Heard of online opportunities but don’t know where to find yours? This one’s got Traditional Job Listings, Job Aggregators, Job Bidding Sites, International, Non-English Sites and Sites with Occasional Freelance Positions.

A Lot of Jobs in One Place

Going through lots of jobs in different sites eats up a lot of time that’s why this article of job boards which aggregate posts in different job sites will definitely be handy for the interested freelancer.

Pitching and the Decision-Making Styles of Clients

Going on to client-related tips, here are ways on how to win that project from your client, be they Charismatics, Thinkers, Skeptics, Followers or Controllers by peeking at their decision-making.

12 Breeds of Clients and How to Work with Them

After the pitch, comes working with the client. The article goes on to show how to work with the Low-Tech, Uninterested, Hands-On, Paranoid, Appreciative, Get-A-Good-Deal, I’ll-Know-It-When-I-See-It, Always-Urgent, Decision-By-Committee, Doormat, Budget and/or You-Should-Be-So-Lucky client.

Getting an Edge on the Competition and Should You Work for Free

The former reads like your typical career article on career improvement while the latter jots down rules of thumbs in dealing with clients asking for freebies. Again for the latter, everything can be summarized in a word: No. For the curious reader though, the article and No Spec link in it are nice reads though.