Back with a Vengeance!

Or so I hope…

So on a stormy day which never had the place where I am see the sun, it was such a welcome to have one of the good things back. To think I was earnestly waiting for a regular doze of rain to freshen the ambience in our humble abode.

Just earlier this day, I found the link to highfiber conspicuously in Luis’s YM status message.

While I didn’t find the “announcement” interesting per se, it struck me that it might have been that the day a number of former members of the site were anticipating would’ve been now. So curiosity had me going to the site and staring at the new site again for quite a while. I never had it low on being busy but for something that used to be a part of my usual routine, I just had to make time to look around.

So after registration, I was off to a few comments. It was like the first few days I spent on that site, I was getting a feel on whether I still belong to the community. It never fails to be an wise policy in an anything-goes site really.

I just love the registration notification email:


Welcome to Highfiber! We have returned. You are fortunate.

Your login: XXXXXXXX
Your password: XXXXXXXX


Hahahahahaha… And so the asylum’s back indeed!