A Reboot of Sorts

Another hiatus, another lame entry here. Must be age catching up with me. Or just the need to try how easy (or hard) it is to do this in iPad.

Regardless, it now feels alien to me. Even if I had gone through a post graduate degree writing more formal papers or almost a decade addressing people using formal written communication, doing this after the longest hiatus is just uneasy.

I just might do this more often now. This device affords me the ease of doing so unlike having to set a notebook up and sit for a couple of minutes when I’m already dead tired from a weekday’s work most of the time.

Now if only I knew what would be worthwhile to put here.

So what’s up

I remember how Lei told me to just write up what’s in my mind. If not, the piece would become “stale”.

I guess she’s right there. So in no particular order, here’s an update of me since the previous hiatus in no order of significance:

  1. Another baby girl to keep me awake late at night.
  2. Now working for a mobile software company using Java.
  3. Finished that MIS degree from UPOU.
  4. Contracted chicken pox “finally”
  5. Met dad again in person after 16 years.
  6. Met an accident in C5 which almost smashed my skull. The taxi driver fell asleep as we headed up straight to the rear of a truck. He hit the brakes just in time for the bumper to break into the windshield and stop within about a foot from our faces.