Busy as usual, (or business as usual?) I need to find time to post this somewhere however, (I was supposed to post it yesterday but then there’s work again.)

In fact, I think it’s pretty imperative to inform other people about the Phishing gimmick victimizing Equitable PCI. So goes the security advisory email I received yesterday morning:

Be wary of unsolicited e-mail from a financial institution or retail business asking to confirm e-mail or physical address, passwords, account numbers, and personal identification numbers. It likely is a “phishing” lure. E-mail spammers frequently use this technique to con people into handing over personal information. The e-mail routes its victims to Web sites that mimic those of legitimate companies. Equitable PCI Bank is one of the latest instances and other Philippines financial institutions likely are just as prone to this type of scam.

A quick google search tells you that even BPI was targetted before. On the international scene there was an instance when even paypal users were aimed.

For those who don’t have a clue, Phishing is a scheme aimed at fooling users into giving away personal and sensitive information such as email addresses and passwords, bank account numbers and PIN’s through devious schemes such as emails and website clones.

So go ahead and copy paste the message and send it to other people if you want to. Much as I’d want to post some some tips against Phishing here, my lack of time just doesn’t allow me to.

I’m Back!

Just when I thought my next blog entry here would spell out some sort of a laptop obituary, the guys at Servimax pulled off something which compels me to write a thank-God sort of entry.

I’m supposed to come up with something very important that’s why one could just imagine how aghast I was when my laptop wouldn’t even let me through BIOS last Wednesday night. I had to have the notebook serviced right then but wasn’t quite sure when I would be back in action without my aide.

It was a good thing my wife called yesterday so we got to know it was already for pick-up.

To cut the long story short, we picked up the notebook yesterday and the next thing I knew, I’m writing this.