On the iPhone: The Madness Continues

Talk about sold out. AT&T says it’s nearly out of iPhones after it went on sale in stores at the U.S. yesterday. This after all of about its 1,800 stores launched the product which had people queueing up to get one. Talk about hype.

And rabid consumerism as well. I didn’t expect people to go gaga this much over something which hadn’t been actually tested by a lot of users long enough to produce user reviews. Sure there have been a lot of things said in blogs and tech reviews online but if you’d ask me, I’d still follow the conventional wisdom bit on new technology which suggests that you wait around for a while before you get something new.

But I guess iPhone fans are willing to plunge into the mix right away. Take that guy pictured in the article. Boy, is he happy! Talk about fanaticism.


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